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Kidilangues’ Open House Day

Kidilangues' Open House Day

Kidilangues’ Open House Day !

Kidilangues invites you to its Open house dayCome and discover a place where children can learn languages while having fun on Saturday 4th June 2016.

English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish or French.

The workshops are made for children from 3 to 13 years old. The number of children per workshop does not exceed 10. Thus,in little groups it is easier for the children to express themselves in the chosen language.

The teaching methods that are used are built through games and are adapted to each group.

Adult workshops offer the possibility either to start learning a language or to go further in the practice of these languages : Persian, English, French.

You will be welcomed at Kidilangues at this address : 28 rue des Quatre Frères Peignot – 75015 Paris

Metro Charles-Michel (10)

Bus 42, 62, 70, 88