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Soccer : Kidilangues joins the European Soccer Championship 2016.

Kidilangues association and its fan club join the Euro 2016.

Kidilangues association and its fan club join the Euro 2016.

Kidilangues likes soccer. It is important to speak the language of soccer in every language to welcome all the fans of all the countries playing.

On Saturday, July 2nd from 15h to 17h (3pm to 5 pm), Kidilangues will be on the town hall esplanade.

Come and play with Kidilangues and discover the FanZone that will offer you an unforgettable afternoon on the town hall in Paris.

Take advantage of a perfect opportunity to start and learn the languages without noticing. It will be really enjoyable !

Euro 2016 gives us the opportunity to revise the European geography. It will offer us the chance to confront ouserlves to our knowledge of the flags. The Euro is also about clubs,  cities, languages to remember to be able to follow the matches. We will impress the visitors that we meet in Paris and have fun at the same time! Before the end of the Euro we will know more about the languages spoken by the soccer players. But not only ! We will also be unbeatable on the colours defended by each club. We will be able to say “hello” to anybody as long as they are smiling ! Isn’t smiling a universal language?