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Kidilangues and the 2nd “Rallye des langues” 2016 Paris15e

Kidilangues and the 2nd Rallye des langues 2016 Paris15e

Kidilangues and the 2nd Rallye des langues 2016 Paris15e, invite both young and old to an afternoon of games on the town hall’s forecourt.

Kidilangues’ facilitators will welcome you on Wednesday 28th September 2016, between 14h and 18h (2pm and 6pm). The various games will all be around the theme of the European languages.

  • Games of skill : Pins games with the flags of the European countries.
  • Riddles to solve by deciphering the hidden messages using Cyrillic and greek alphabets !
  • Listening games with communation tools : telephone, tape recorder,  pipe,  funnel !
  • Games of languages recognition that will enable you to imagine a weather sequence. For example, you will also be able to find the European capitals on a map of Europe.

All these activities and others will allow you to discover the european languages and to learn about them. You will improve your knowledge of geography but also of the different cultural aspects of each of the countries you will encounter : Italy, Germany, Croatia, Bosnia, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Austria, Bulgaria… So many games to know Europe and its languages better.

During your journey you will get your passeport signed at the different games which will give you access to a “diploma of the great traveler”. Your determination will be rewarded and you will get a bag full of prizes !