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Workshop of English @ Easter holidays
Workshop of English @ Easter holidays

Cette fois-ci, le stage intensif d’anglais Arts & Crafts avait pour thème la ville !

Les enfants étaient ravis et fiers de construire leur propre maquette d’une ville. Cela leur a donné l’occasion d’apprendre tout un ensemble de vocabulaire lié à leur environnement : rues, rond-point, passage piéton, immeubles, commerces, école, caserne de pompiers, hôpital …. Chaque jour, des chansons et des jeux de rôle leur ont permis de s’exercer s’orienter, à demander leur chemin, ou à l’indiquer à leurs camarades.

Le dernier jour, une représentation de chants devant les parents a clos le stage en rythme.

stage anglais ville Kidilangues

Arts & Crafts, a workshop of english @ Kidilangues
Arts & Crafts, a workshop of english @ Kidilangues

Feedback from our “Arts and Crafts in English” Workshop during the February school break:

What a great week for all Kidi-participants and our super English Teacher, Amanda!
This time, our theme was “My Dream Home” with kids making their very own miniature house, complete with living and dining rooms, a kitchen, bedrooms, a bathroom and even a garden and garage!

Our kids got to decorate their dream house while practicing English, of course, in a very entertaining setting 🙂

“My Home” was the theme for the entire week and got everybody singing, dancing and playing in English.

A big thank you to Amanda, and don’t miss our next workshop!

Stage anglais Kidilangues2

3rd « Rallye des langues »
3rd « Rallye des langues »

For the 3rd year in a row, Kidilangues, together with the European Commission and the 15th District of Paris, organized a super Language Festival for European Languages Day.

Our 2017 Language Rally saw more than 350 children of all ages participate, either with their families or class. Some adults couldn’t resist and took part in the fun! On the agenda: a ring toss, memory game, find the secret message, questions for a champion…

Kidilangues-comm europ

The Language Rally is also the perfect opportunity to find out about other major cultural institutions, thanks to the presence of Ficep, the European Commission’s French delegation  and the Ofaj.

Kidilangues at the Festival of Europe
Kidilangues at the Festival of Europe

This year again, Kidilangues will be actively present to celebrate Europe, to make you discover its cultural richness and of course its numerous languages!

–> Playful workshops in the library Marguertie Audoux in Paris 3rd arrondissement.
During the afternoon of Wednesday 10 May, we will be welcoming children in 3 stands of games: digital games and board games.

–> At the same time, at the Town hall of the 19th arrondissement, we will be welcoming groups of children from recreation centers in partnership with La Maison de l’Europe in Paris. The children will travel through the different game stands to discover Europe and its cultural and linguistic aspects.

–> Thursday 11 May, school groups will be welcomed all the day long at the Town hall of the 15th arrondissement. We will manage about 10 different games stands, still about Europe, its components, and its European languages.

Finally, on Saturday 13 May, Kidilangues will participate to a big celebration that will take place in Hotel de Ville in Paris: Game stands, information stands, debates and conferences, concerts … You can fin the programme here.

Kidilangues fête europe 2017

Kidilangues and the 2nd « Rallye des langues » 2016 Paris15e
Kidilangues and the 2nd « Rallye des langues » 2016 Paris15e

Kidilangues and the 2nd Rallye des langues 2016 Paris15e, invite both young and old to an afternoon of games on the town hall’s forecourt.

Kidilangues’ facilitators will welcome you on Wednesday 28th September 2016, between 14h and 18h (2pm and 6pm). The various games will all be around the theme of the European languages.

  • Games of skill : Pins games with the flags of the European countries.
  • Riddles to solve by deciphering the hidden messages using Cyrillic and greek alphabets !
  • Listening games with communation tools : telephone, tape recorder,  pipe,  funnel !
  • Games of languages recognition that will enable you to imagine a weather sequence. For example, you will also be able to find the European capitals on a map of Europe.

All these activities and others will allow you to discover the european languages and to learn about them. You will improve your knowledge of geography but also of the different cultural aspects of each of the countries you will encounter : Italy, Germany, Croatia, Bosnia, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Austria, Bulgaria… So many games to know Europe and its languages better.

During your journey you will get your passeport signed at the different games which will give you access to a « diploma of the great traveler ». Your determination will be rewarded and you will get a bag full of prizes !

Kidilangues and the European Cultural Instititute (EUNIC) provide workshops in primary schools.
Kidilangues and the European Cultural Instititute (EUNIC) provide workshops in primary schools.

Kidilangues association facilitates workshops in several parisian primary schools in collaboration with the European Cultural Institute (EUNIC).

The “Discovery of Europe” workshop at the Alésia Elementary School, Paris 14th kicked off beginning September 2016, with Back to School being the perfect time to launch a program cycle designed by EUNIC  (National Cultural Center of the European Union) in cooperation with Kidilangues.

This entertaining journey through Europe offers children different ways of approaching the languages spoken in Europe. Like any trip abroad, discoveries linked to each country’s culture are at the heart of the activities. The program includes languages, monuments, culinary specialties…

The use of the games of the Kidilangues website offers a first individual approach with geographic, culinary and linguistic thematics. The diversity of the topics are perfect for sparking the desire to learn.

What languages do the Belgians speak? How do I say hello if I go to Slovakia through Sweden and Austria? Where is located the monument that you have discovered on the screen? What a great way to discover Europe while having fun!

Mr. Hermano Sanches Ruivo was present. He is the Counsellor of Paris in charge of Europe and he supports all initiatives that help children to discover Europe.

Soccer : Kidilangues joins the European Soccer Championship 2016.
Soccer : Kidilangues joins the European Soccer Championship 2016.

Kidilangues association and its fan club join the Euro 2016.

Kidilangues likes soccer. It is important to speak the language of soccer in every language to welcome all the fans of all the countries playing.

On Saturday, July 2nd from 15h to 17h (3pm to 5 pm), Kidilangues will be on the town hall esplanade.

Come and play with Kidilangues and discover the FanZone that will offer you an unforgettable afternoon on the town hall in Paris.

Take advantage of a perfect opportunity to start and learn the languages without noticing. It will be really enjoyable !

Euro 2016 gives us the opportunity to revise the European geography. It will offer us the chance to confront ouserlves to our knowledge of the flags. The Euro is also about clubs,  cities, languages to remember to be able to follow the matches. We will impress the visitors that we meet in Paris and have fun at the same time! Before the end of the Euro we will know more about the languages spoken by the soccer players. But not only ! We will also be unbeatable on the colours defended by each club. We will be able to say « hello » to anybody as long as they are smiling ! Isn’t smiling a universal language?

Kidilangues association attends Europe Day 2016 in Paris
Kidilangues association attends Europe Day 2016 in Paris

Kidilangues association attends Europe day 2016 in Paris! We will be welcoming you. Come and participate to Europe day 2016 to know more about the European languages!

Several activities about Europe and its functioning will be proposed to you in different arrondissements of Paris. Several organisms and various associations have met to imagine attractive stands. These stands will allow you to know and to understand the different steps of the construction of Europe. They will present the richness and the diversity of the countries. They will enable interesting meetings with researchers and supervisors. You will be able to obtain several documents that will allow you to get more knowledge on Europe.

Kidilangues participates to this event by proposing animations for children about the european languages. Crosswords with the names of the european languages. Identification games where you will have to associate a flag with the country it represents. Puzzles that will give to the oppotunity to find every country on a map of Europe.

Discover all the program of Kidilangues in Europe day by clicking here