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Fête de la jeunesse juin 2018
Fête de la jeunesse juin 2018

Kidilangues était présente samedi 30 juin sur le parvis de la Mairie du 15ème pour faire jouer les enfants (et les adultes !) et présenter ses activités autour de l’apprentissage des langues.

La fête était réussie grâce à un beau soleil et à une grande variété d’activités proposées sur le parvis et à l’intérieur de la mairie.

Kidilangues’ Open House day!
Kidilangues’ Open House day!

Kidilangues invites you to our annual Open House!

ateliers de langues Kidilangues

Come and discover a place where children learn foreign languages while having fun, on Saturday June 2, 2018, from 2pm to 6pm. Languages will all be celebrated with games, songs, fun exercises and pop quizzes for all.

Amanda will lead a sing-a-long in English with some of our Star Kids. So brush up on your Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson and COME ON DOWN!

Our workshops are specifically designed for children from 4 to 15. The number of children per workshop never exceeds 10. In small groups, it’s easier for children to express themselves and absorb knowledge.

Our teaching methodology uses games and music to facilitate learning and are adapted to each specific age group.

Code code codec KidilanguesNew : starting from July 2018, we welcome Code Code Codec. Your childrens will now be able to learn a new language, the code, during annual courses of week-long workshops.
Demonstrations will be held throughout the afternoon.

So don’t miss this year’s Kidilangues Open House :
28 rue des Quatre Frères Peignot – 75015 Paris
Metro Charles-Michel (10)
Bus 42, 62, 70, 88
Map here

3rd « Rallye des langues »
3rd « Rallye des langues »

For the 3rd year in a row, Kidilangues, together with the European Commission and the 15th District of Paris, organized a super Language Festival for European Languages Day.

Our 2017 Language Rally saw more than 350 children of all ages participate, either with their families or class. Some adults couldn’t resist and took part in the fun! On the agenda: a ring toss, memory game, find the secret message, questions for a champion…

Kidilangues-comm europ

The Language Rally is also the perfect opportunity to find out about other major cultural institutions, thanks to the presence of Ficep, the European Commission’s French delegation  and the Ofaj.

Kidilangues at the Festival of Europe
Kidilangues at the Festival of Europe

This year again, Kidilangues will be actively present to celebrate Europe, to make you discover its cultural richness and of course its numerous languages!

–> Playful workshops in the library Marguertie Audoux in Paris 3rd arrondissement.
During the afternoon of Wednesday 10 May, we will be welcoming children in 3 stands of games: digital games and board games.

–> At the same time, at the Town hall of the 19th arrondissement, we will be welcoming groups of children from recreation centers in partnership with La Maison de l’Europe in Paris. The children will travel through the different game stands to discover Europe and its cultural and linguistic aspects.

–> Thursday 11 May, school groups will be welcomed all the day long at the Town hall of the 15th arrondissement. We will manage about 10 different games stands, still about Europe, its components, and its European languages.

Finally, on Saturday 13 May, Kidilangues will participate to a big celebration that will take place in Hotel de Ville in Paris: Game stands, information stands, debates and conferences, concerts … You can fin the programme here.

Kidilangues fête europe 2017

Kidilangues’ Open House Day
Kidilangues’ Open House Day

Kidilangues’ Open House Day !

Kidilangues invites you to its Open house dayCome and discover a place where children can learn languages while having fun on Saturday 4th June 2016.

English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish or French.

The workshops are made for children from 3 to 13 years old. The number of children per workshop does not exceed 10. Thus,in little groups it is easier for the children to express themselves in the chosen language.

The teaching methods that are used are built through games and are adapted to each group.

Adult workshops offer the possibility either to start learning a language or to go further in the practice of these languages : Persian, English, French.

You will be welcomed at Kidilangues at this address : 28 rue des Quatre Frères Peignot – 75015 Paris

Metro Charles-Michel (10)

Bus 42, 62, 70, 88

Kidilangues winner of the European Language Label 2015
Kidilangues winner of the European Language Label 2015

Kidilangues winner of the European Language Label 2015 given in January, at the House of Europe.

All of the Kidilangues team shares the honour that is done to the association. It is the result of a team work that is acknowledged, at last. Naïma Blanc the director along with the president of the association were given the Europeaan Language Label this Thursday 21 January.

Awarded by the European agency Erasmus+, this label rewards the best educational projects in terms of innovative learning and teaching of foreign languages. There is three categories : The youth category, the media category and the association category. It is the latter that was won by Kidilangues.

To consult  the Press release of the European label. Click here.