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Week-long English courses during the holidays


Kidilangues association proposes week-long language courses during the school holidays in Paris in the 15th arrondissement.

stages intensifs d'anglais à Paris

These English courses are for children from 6 to 14 years old. During a week, the children will be able to use the language by participating in creative activities, by singing, playing, exploring … In short learning by playing.

English workshops

1- Arts & Crafts.

Offer a creative break in English to your children !Stage Kidilangues anglais

During holidays, your children will be able to practice English through crafts, singing and playing. Crafts activities foster interactions in English and enable to explore several themes: tools of course, colours and shapes, but also animals or food. In total immersion, the children will create their own objects that they will be able to bring home proudly.

Dates : Easter holidays
Schedule: 2pm – 4.30pm (12.5h)
Age : 7 à 11 ans
Price : 135€ (+ 25€ d’adhesion for non-members)
Enrol Our courses propositons evolve according to the demand. Contact us to know more: info@asso.kidilangues.f


2- I am a Journalist!Stage Kidilangues anglais journalist

Intensive English immersion workshop for middle school students interested to step into the role of a journalist.

Middle school students will develop televised news reports by working on different types of television journalism each day during the workshop : sports journalism, culture journalism, daily news, innovation, environment, politics, and more, according to their journalistic interests.

This will be an occasion to further develop a variety of skills in journalism (comprehension, oral expression, writing…) in a fun and motivating atmosphere. Throughout the week, journalism will be the central theme, but this will be complemented by activities such as board games, role play and song.

Dates : Toussaint holidays
Horaires : 14h30 – 17h (soit 12.5h)
Âge : 11 à 14 ans
Prix : 135€ (+ 25€ d’adhésion pour les non adhérents)