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About us

Welcome to Kidilangues


Making foreign languages less foreign.

Established in 2010, Kidilangues’ primary mission is to promote language learning, encourage curiosity and cultural awareness. Kidilangues is made up of a team of teachers, educators, volunteers and parents who all share the same passion: communicating in different languages.

Kidilangues offers a wide array of programs and services:

    • Language classes in our language center, Paris.

      We run small-group courses for children and adults to develop or further their language skills. The courses emphasise on spoken conversation and great interactivity to make learning a new language fun, natural and simple.

We select our teachers with care, paying special attention to their experience and accent. They are trained with our method and interact with the same group of learners throughout the year thus building a relationship of trust.

Discover our workshops

    • Workshops in primary schools.

We also run language workshops in a number of Parisian primary schools to encourage an early introduction to various languages and cultures from around the world. Included in the school’s extracurricular activities, these multilingual workshops allow a first taste of linguistic and cultural diversity through fun and play. This first approach helps develop interest and curiosity.

    • Public events.

Kidilangues participates in many different cultural events such as the Language Rally for European Language day, Europe Day, Fan Zone for Euro 2016… where we get to meet members of the public and exchange ideas as well as offer a range of language games for children and adults alike!  On these occasions, we invent and create games designed to enrich language skills whilst having fun.

Find our animations on KidiNews

Kidilangues is always happy to contribute to promoting languages. Do you have an idea or project? Let us know! info@asso.kidilangues.fr

The Kidilangues approach in 8 points:
  1. Make language learning fun.
  2. Learn in small groups so that everyone gets the right amount of attention.
  3. Focus on spoken conversation and comprehension.
  4. Favour a progressive full immersion in target language.
  5. Make use of a variety of multisensory materials and activities (interactive Kidilangues website, cards, boards, games).
  6. Introduce scenarios and role-plays : use action learning to develop communicative competences.
  7. Learn and teach using creative activities.
  8. Associate a language to its cultural elements.
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